Click & sort with the WasteGuru app

Click & sort with the WasteGuru app

Way to Eco is introducing to the UK market an innovative recycling app to help Local Authorities address the lack of knowledge among residents about what to recycle and how to recycle it. The app helps residents to recycle better and more, giving accurate information immediately and removing the guesswork. It will be the only app in the UK that allows users to scan items to determine if they can be recycled or not.

WasteGuru: an easy way to better recycling

Drawing on a growing database, the app identifies the packaging of more than 1 million products through barcode scanning and instantly can match this information with local recycling requirements. The app enables users to enter directly into the items database, including adding new products or making suggestions on any problem spotted.

The application is the first of its kind, designed specifically to tackle information gaps relating to recycling and supports Councils to reduce waste sent to landfill. This innovative digital platform will provide residents with specific information about recycling products, local recycling services as well as other valuable waste disposal information.

The App provides Local Authorities with valuable data on waste sorting practices and residents’ feedback so that Councils can provide more effective services and reduce the amount of unsorted rubbish going to landfill or incineration.


London is a cosmopolitan and fast growing city and it’s a city of many different cultures and nationalities. Communication about waste and sustainability issues with a highly transient population with many different cultural backgrounds, age groups and languages can be challenging. This is why WasteGuru  caters for multilingual communities and is available in nine languages.


The App gives residents valuable information about

  • What can be recycled
  • What can and can’t be placed in each bin
  • Accurate and up-to-date information about waste and recycling services in the area of interest
  • Auto reminders of next bin pick up days with the option to set reminders
  • A full list of waste items and simple recycling instructions
  • Map of the nearest recycling centres/kerbside bins, including directions and opening hours
  • Online support


Competitive Advantages

  • Access to a unique Database with more than 1 million products and 1500 waste categories
  • It is the first packaging Database App in Europe
  • Thanks to the user’s contribution, the Dataset is growing daily. An innovative tool, perfectly in line with the philosophy of smart cities
  • A perfect match between recyclable products and the local waste services
  • WasteGuru is available in different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Romanian)


Market opportunity

Stakeholders benefits:

  • Increase recycling rates
  • Tackle recycling contamination
  • Savings by reducing rejected loads
  • Improve users engagement by sending tailored and consistent messages
  • Collect valuable data on the recycling process
  • Reducing costs under the packaging regulations
  • Increase stability of end markets


Target Audience

Local Authorities, Waste Authorities, Contractors, Waste Management Companies, Private Companies or Higher Education Institutions.



Donata and Nicoletta launched Way to Eco because they are interested in sustainability and recycling issues, and recognise there is a lack of knowledge around what can be recycled. Their research found that people are trapped in incorrect habits and are not aware of better ways to act. Way to Eco will help residents at the point of decision making so they can recycle more with increased accuracy.