Way to Eco Ltd is an environmental consultancy focusing on environmental protection, sustainability and circular economy.

Founders Donata and Nicoletta are passionate about environmental issues and bring their extensive knowledge to provide innovative and sustainable solutions delivering social, economic and environmental benefits.

Whether it’s a handy recycling app or a tailored waste reduction programme, Way to Eco will help you improve your services, reach your targets and generate savings.

Our mission is to make a social-environmental and economic impact.

We strongly believe that consumers want to ‘do the right thing’ by recycling but they need clear and simple info. Our app will help tackle the key issues in the recycling process: lack of trust and knowledge, transient population, cultural and language barriers.

On top of that, the app provides a broader range of services aiming to tackle littering and fly-tipping.

Our solutions support the public sector and businesses to meet and improve their recycling targets, to generate savings and profit-making opportunities.