“Is it recyclable?” Episode 5 BLACK PLASTIC TRAY

In general, plastic packagings can be recycled. For black plastic trays, the story is a bit more complicated. They are usually coloured using carbon black pigments which do not enable the pack to be sorted in a recycling plant. As a result, this type of packaging commonly ends up as residue and is disposed of in landfill or recycled into lower value materials where polymer sorting is not required.

Table 1 – Black Plastic Tray recyclability in 5 Local Authorities across UK

Country Council Which bin/bag/box Note
England London Westminster City Council Plastic trays are recycable, there are NO more precisely information Some plastic types are not recyclable. No info about black plastic trays 
England Oxford City Council Blue household recycling bin or sack Back plastic trays are recyclable
Scotland City of Edimburgh Individual: green wheelie bin (mixed recycling) Clean plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays are recyclable. No info about black plastic trays
Communal: green lidded bins (mixed recycling)
Wales Cardiff Council Green recycled bag Black plastic food trays are recyclable
Northern Ireland Belfast City Council If you have 2 recycling boxes and a small green bin put it in the black one. Plastic trays are recyclable. No info about black plastic trays
If you have 3 stacked recycling boxes (wheelie box) and a small green bin put it in the red one

This is the end of our fifth short story on waste materials. We hope that you found it informative.

A final note. Just in England, there are 350 Local Authorities collecting household waste. Waste devolution usually brings a lack of consistency in the materials accepted for recycling across Boroughs and this create confusion.

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