Aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2030

(Click here for more information on the Mayor’s waste and recycling objectives for London)

Brits have embraced recycling with more than nine out of ten people recycling at home. The number of products and materials that you can recycle continues to grow allowing more waste to be recycled than ever before.

However, the Mayor of London aims to recycle 65% of the municipal solid waste by 2030. It will be challenging for the capital’s Councils to reach, but there is room for improvement. With a current average household recycling rate of 32.3%, there is an opportunity to make a difference.

  • Supporting Londoners and businesses to cut waste and divert unwanted items to useful purposes in their daily lives
  • Getting London back on track to achieving 65% municipal waste recycling by 2030
  • Ensuring London’s waste infrastructure needs are met
  • Reducing the environmental impact of London’s waste activities – namely climate change and air quality, to help meet zero carbon and AQ targets
  • Leading by example, embedding circular economy principles across all the Mayor’s strategic plans and programmes to accelerate London’s transition to the circular economy.

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