Our history

Way to Eco was born as the union of different components.

  • Nicoletta, thanks to her experience in the world of innovation, has found a project in the development stage in Italy. Her link to London gave her the idea: that product could have been very useful across the Channel.
  • Donata has been living in London for more than 3 years and, thanks to her experience in environmental issues, has noticed that numerous factors in the cosmopolitan city make recycling difficult. She has immediately identified the city’s need for instruments to engage residents around recycling.
  • Donata and Nicoletta, thanks to a common friend, met each other, shared ideas and started working together.
  • The first steps have been taken, the product exists, we are in contact with some potential clients. The challenge that London has decided to win, developing more and more a circular economy, reaching 65% of municipal waste recycling by 2030, offers spaces for innovative services/products.

The country has some big sustainability challenges to tackle. Way to Eco wants to support solutions that can boost our economy and protect the environment.

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