Original app metrics June 2018

To date, the service is available in Italy and in Swiss for more than 5M potential users.

Subscribing Local Authorities are generally using the app as an Information System to support communication, engagement and collaboration with residents.

The main goals are: break down users’ barriers to recycling; support and supplement users’ decision-making on how dispose of products; think of waste as a resource.

  • Online: 3 years
  • Daily active users (DAU): 250.000
  • Database: 1,3M barcodes/products
  • App queries: 3,2M
  • Downloads: more than 1M (out of 5M potential users)
  • Popularity:
  •        15% average downloads across all the municipalities
  •        up to 90% of the families living in the municipalities that subscribed for the service are using the app
  • Engagement peak: 33-35% of the population (in 4 municipalities)
  • App retention rate: 64%
  • App rating on Google Play: 4.7

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